10 Online Shopping Hacks to Save

Shopping— It’s a good way that psychologists recommend to those with stress. They say that shopping most times can relieve any stress that you may be experiencing. And that can be true, because, when I’m down, I go straight to the mall. Then guess what? The adventure of walking around the shelves full of items is usually enough to heal.

But wait, while doing some shopping, you should ensure that you spend wisely. Make decisions with a sound mind that you will not regret later.

Shopping is an excellent thing to do. Therefore I’m going to show you some exciting hacks that you did not know can save you thousands of dollars while shopping.

10 shopping hacks to help save thousands of dollars

1. Shop on websites that allows you to use coupons

Many retailers will occasionally send you emails with coupon codes and discounts. If you shop using those links, you will be saving some cash. To multiply the savings, you can use multiple email addresses. For instance, you can register every family member in one family and receive coupon codes and discounts. That way, you will be able to save thousands of dollars.

2. Use credit cards that have better shopping deals

One thing about credit cards that you should pay attention to is the annual fee. Consider getting credit cards that have zero or negligible yearly fees. In addition, also consider credit cards that can give you bonuses like the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature card.

The Amazon prime rewards card will give you a welcome bonus of $100, and it has zero annual fees.

3.  Ask for discounts

Business people don’t give out discounts, and some will wait for customers to ask for them. If you don’t, then you will get at the standard prices. However, you can ask for discounts from the live chat button that almost every online store has. Asking for discounts can reduce the amount you spend significantly.

4. Make a comparison

There is nothing wrong with having accounts on many online stores.  Take advantage of that and compare prices on the different platforms. You will find better deals than you can run to save money.

5. Try to leave your cart unattended

Any business out there will always want to close deals. So if you leave your cart for one or two days, the company will follow up by sending you exciting offers and discounts.

In one way, you will have avoided unnecessary spending at that time. And by so doing, you will get to save some cash that you could have spent before. But, of course, to get those discounts, you have to log in to your account.

6. Do your maths

Always calculate the cost per unit, and you will be able to buy the cheapest. For instance, you can find that cost per liter of 20 liters of cooking oil is more inexpensive than five liters.

If buying in bulk is cheaper, then consider it. Comparing costs per unit will save you some dollars when doing your shopping.

7. Consider shopping during off-seasons

If you need a jacket during winter, it’s a good idea to shop for it during summer since the prices will be down. Indeed, many products have higher costs during their peak seasons. And that happens in any store, whether online or physical stores.

8. Follow affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers usually have better deals on popular products. If you constantly follow them, they will send you updates of excellent deals available. If you use their code or link, you will get a discount, and they will get a commission.

9. Go for free delivery

On Amazon Prime, if you shop for at least $35, you will get free shipping. In addition, you can use Amazon filler items to fill your cart with less high prices.

10. Read online reviews

We all know that online buying can sometimes be risky, especially if dealing with a new website or new manufacturer. However, if you read reviews at the bottom of each product, you can be sure how the product or service is good.

Once you know about the products, you will know where to make a purchase.  By so doing, you will save money that you could have used on buying low-rated products.

The bottom line

Always make a list before you can go to any website to shop. That will help you to stick to your initial goal of opening the website.